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Casino Craps

Playing casino craps (that is, playing in a casino as opposed to playing online craps) involves a lot more than just the game-play. You can be the best craps player in the virtual world, but you'll still look like an idiot at the craps table if you don't know the rest of the game

Casino craps can be an intimidating experience. Much of the time other players are quite knowledgeable, throwing around too many phrases you wouldn't know unless you'd be told. Don't worry about them, you can usually tell from a distance how friendly or unfriendly they may be.

The first thing we'll look at is who the dealers are at the casino craps table. There are a lot of them, and they all do something a little different. Take a look at the positioning around the craps table:

Casino Craps Table Layout

At a normal craps table there will be four or five casino personnel standing around. Two or three of these nice folk will be dealers, and then there is the ringmaster, better known as the boxman. The boxman is usually found sitting down at the craps table, closest to the money. He's the executive at the table, and any major decisions are made by him. He'll inspect the dice if they fly off the table, make a final call on any irregularity in the game, and generally acts as an intimidating figure.

Next at the casino craps table is the stickman. Like the name implies, the man carries a stick. Of course, the man's not always a man in modern Las Vegas, but the name stickperson doesn't have the same ring to it. The stick is used to push the dice to the shooter, and since they stand in the middle of the table, they handle all of the proposition bets.

The rest of the folk at the table are dealers, responsible for the bets at either end of the table. So the middle of the table is covered by the stickman, and either end is handled by its own dealer.
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