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Enjoy A Free Game On The House
Enjoy A Free Game On The House
The House of Craps is open and ready to serve. Enjoy a free game, pick up some tips, or learn the game from scratch. It's all on the house!

Play Craps For Free!

To play craps for free just click on the big graphic. Our free game has built in chat so you can hold a conversation while you play. A site owner pops in occasionally, so if you can't get any help from the other players, maybe you'll run into a resident expert. You can always E-mail us your questions if you can't manage to find the info within our site anywhere.

The ability to play craps for free adds an aspect to your game few craps players have. No casino in the world lets you play on their craps table for no risk. But online you can play as much as you want, taking any strategy or system you've had in mind and testing it till you're blue in the face. Vegas wouldn't want to give you that ability.

Play craps here and you get the added bonus of a bankroll that stays with you when you leave and come back, so you can truly see how a specific strategy affects your pocketbook over time. A good idea would be to create two different accounts, and play one in one style and play one in another, to see what produces better results over the long run.

If you have any suggestions for ways to improve your craps skills with our free game, drop us a line, until then, play some craps for free and enjoy yourself!
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