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The Pass Line Bet

Why does the pass line bet have its own page? Because so much of what's happening at the table revolves around it, it's the perfect place to start learning. An important point to reiterate from our craps tutorial page, is the concept of betting 'with the dice'.

The person rolling the dice (the shooter) must make a pass line bet before they can roll the come-out roll. Because of this, betting a pass line bet along with the shooter is called betting 'with the dice'. When you win, the shooter wins. The opposite of course being betting 'against the dice' so that you win when the shooter loses, and lose when the shooter wins. Those who bet against the dice are sometimes called 'wrong bettors'. Read our casino craps page to learn why it's so important to know this.

As you may have pick up from our craps tutorial page, the game of craps runs in cycles of session after session. A session begins when pass line bets are made, and it ends when pass line bets are resolved. In between those two times we can make as many bets as we like.

To place a pass line bet, you first check to make sure nobody is throwing the dice. Often a novice player will go to place their bet just as someone is rolling, and the dice will hit their hands. That can be embarrassing and you probably want to avoid it. You'll instantly notice the large band of felt with the words PASS LINE written on it. Just place your bet in front of where you're standing right on that pass line.

If you are making a pass line bet after the point has already been set, the dealers will likely have you position it just right (and the odds bet you back it with) so that they know it gets paid back a little differently than the other pass line bets.

Have a look at the graphic below to gain a proper sense of how the craps session progresses for a pass line bet.

Pass Line Bet
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