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Enjoy A Free Game On The House
Enjoy A Free Game On The House
The House of Craps is open and ready to serve. Enjoy a free game, pick up some tips, or learn the game from scratch. It's all on the house!

Download Craps Games

Good craps games can be hard to find, and much of the time the best ones are in-browser games such as our own so you can't play unless you're online. This doesn't help out the people who pay for their time online however, so there is great demand for a good spot to download craps games from. House of Craps has put together a craps download section with direct downloads, so you don't have to get lost trying to find a good download somewhere else.

Real Money Craps Games
You have to download these craps games to get the software package, and they require you to be connected to the Internet. They can be played for free, or you can register for real and make true wagers.

Grand Online Casino
Grand Riviera Casino
Pacific Princess Online Casino

Shareware craps games

Roll Them Bones 1.0 - Download
This game records key statistics for study, and has several settings that can be adjusted. You can even select good luck charms to aid in your pursuit of virtual riches and tell the program to give the dice an extra shake for luck.

Craps 2.2 - Download
This game is for Windows 3.x, but should be able to run it if you have VBRUN300.dll

This version of craps contains two play modes for the game. The first one, Against Each Other, is a back-alley game pitting player against player. Against The House is a full-blown casino production of the game, with different side-bet options available. This version supports one or two players.

WinCraps 4.5 - Download
Attempting to be more than just a 'craps sim' for practice purposes, wincraps allows you to manipulate every variable through an array of configurable and automatic features. For example, you can set up your own betting schemes for automatic play and let them run for millions of rolls. Graphs, charts, and tables will keep track of your gambling, and a comprehensive help file will guide you. This help file is great for beginners, but WinCraps is also highly configurable for advanced players.

Casino Craps 1.9 - Download
Promoting itself as: the dice game that teaches and entertains, download this craps game for all the standard features of a real craps table, including On the Hop Bets. Allows 15 plays before you are required to pay the registration fee. The author is an actual craps player.
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